People make the difference—build a high-performance culture that prioritizes the Worker of the Future and their passions, skills, and values.

We are living in the new normal. While we might not know exactly what the future of work will look like six months or a year or five years from now, we do know that the Worker of the Future will be firmly at the heart of every successful organization. No matter whether these workers are in the office, remote, or hybrid, your organizational culture needs to support them to show up as their best right now while coaching them to grow into their full potential.

Unlocking the Workplace of the Future Near & Far
(How to Build a Culture of People, Passion, and Performance)

It has never been more important to foster an organizational culture that recognizes the uniqueness of the individual while engaging them as a team to do their best work. Meeting people where they are matters. New skills, competencies, strategies, and frameworks are needed to successfully pull teams together, help them celebrate their differences, and provide them with a pathway to tangible success.

People need people and people want to matter. Future of work keynote speaker, Dan Negroni, shows you how to harness these two very human traits to create a workplace culture that meets people where they are and integrates people, passion, and performance even when they are physically dispersed.

Key Takeaways for Your Audience:

  • Why a people, passion, and performance system matters
  • How to re-engage and connect your existing workforce and successfully integrate your new team members whether they’re in-office, remote, or hybrid
  • Strategies to learn to coach and mentor your people to show up authentically, do their best work, and create real-deal impact
  • 6 steps to B.R.I.D.G.E. the gap between workers regardless of location, age, gender, culture, or background
  • Critical insight to sustain your revitalized workplace culture and make it “personal” for the long haul