Hire Millennials because they ask the right questions…

Inc. Magazine says:

In my experience, millennials will ask the question “why” before they ask “what” or “how” because they want to get right to the point. They want to know if something is worth the investment first rather than diving in just because you tell them it’s a good idea.

That’s exactly the kind of fresh perspective you need if you’re developing a new app and why hiring a millennial makes sense. Maybe you’re not ready to have one lead your entire marketing effort or the sales team. But don’t be afraid to give them a chance to push your company ahead. They might just point out the one thing that really needs to change.

They are right millennials might be:

Text-messaging, multi-tasking, advertising-leery, Attention Deficit Disorder-loving, trendsetting, blog-reading, information-addicted, social media experts, tech-embracing, fast-moving, highly-ambitious, quick-talking, well-educated, IPOD-listening, authority questioning, and have the blushing confidence of expecting to go from mail room to board room in one day, want to live more passionately, be happy, kill the 9-5 PM job and really want it all from money to entertainment to charity.

But we believe that greatness can be managed by understanding their strengths and how they communicate.  Let them push you.  But push back through mentorship, training and learning that bridge the gap.

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  1. binance says:

    I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

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