We are all buyers don’t sell us

None of us buy products. We all buy products of the product—which are called benefits or need solutions. In short, we don’t buy what the product is; we buy what the product does for us.  Everyone is a buyer and they come to us that way.  They all have a problem that needs to be solved.   So often we as sales people, especially, the ones starting out, just jump into an explanation of the product.   WRONG APPROACH!  IT STILL BOILS DOWN TO GOOD OLDE-FASHION RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT.   Once the relationship is developed people will let you solve their problems or meet their needs.  Then the hard work comes, just allow them to buy.  Do you know how to teach relationship development?  If you don’t get some help there are tons of experts that get it like Zig Ziglar.  We want you to get it too!

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