Reconnect to the Worker of the Future to drive success, impact, and profits for your organization.

Disengagement is one of the biggest challenges leaders face today. As employees struggle with stress, remote/hybrid work, anxiety, and burnout, leading them to “quiet quit” or outright leave their jobs, leaders know that the battle to attract and retain high-performance talent is just beginning. Workers want more from their jobs than ever before. Workforce engagement speaker, Dan Negroni, will show you how to tap into what the Worker of the Future really wants to connect, inspire, and coach them to be their best.

The Great Reconnection: Fostering Employee Engagement with millennials & Gen Zs
(It’s Personal)

What does the Worker of the Future need to feel supported to grow and reach their potential within your organization? What does leadership look like in this future world of work, including hybrid and remote work? How do you shift from the old mindset of “boss” to the new mindset of “coach/mentor” to nurture and develop the talent you have? Worker of the Future keynote speaker, Dan Negroni, shows you how to spark your Great Reconnection and foster employee engagement for a high-performance culture.

Key Takeaways for Your Audience:

  • Insight into what the Worker of the Future really wants from your company and how to give it to them
  • Simple, but effective strategies to reconnect your existing workforce to themselves, their teammates, and your clients by tapping into their individual strengths to connect your organizationh
  • Why hiring and onboarding are critical to building a coaching culture that attracts and retains high-performance talent
  • Mindset “hacks” to create the next generation leadership the Worker of the Future is looking for