COVID. War. Politics. Technology. Rapid Globalization. AI. Economic Recession. 24/7 Change. Our world is rife with both uncertainty YET opportunity for the worker of the future. Opportunity is the way!

Stress and anxiety were at an all-time high before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now? We feel uncertainty all around us, threatening the safety we’ve built and the success we’ve cultivated. Yet with uncertainty comes boundless opportunity. The most successful next-generation leaders know how to support and mentor their teams to take bold steps and sail with the winds of change while charting their own course. Worker of the Future keynote speaker, Dan Negroni, will help you imagine new possibilities and equip you with the strategies you need to create lasting results by transforming uncertainty in your remote and hybrid workplace into leadership and growth.

Overcome Uncertainty in the Workplace of the Future
(Creating Transformational Leaders & Growth)

The Worker of the Future is stressed, anxious, tired, and in many cases, burned out, from the fear and uncertainty of the last several years. Even our most resilient workers are struggling to remain positive and optimistic about their future. They’re plagued by self-doubt and wondering if what they do even matters. In this dynamic keynote, high-performance business coach and thought leader, Dan Negroni, will help inspire your team to lean into their own strengths, craft a powerful personal story, create connection through inquiry, and master their growth mindset to seize opportunity.

Key Takeaways for Your Audience:

  • A deep understanding of how mindset, grit, and resilience work together to help you see the opportunity in today’s workplace
  • Strategies to help your team feel safe and supported at work
  • Tips and tools to bake flexibility, resilience, and determination into both your personal and company story
  • Resources to create a lasting culture of success during uncertain times