Lead from the inside out to connect, engage, and uplift the Millennials, Gen Zs, and others to bring their best selves to work every single day.

Great leaders know their “why.” They have an innate sense of why they do what they do and what they want out of their life and career. You can become a great leader by getting really clear on who you are, what you’re about, and what you have to offer. Crafting a powerful personal story will allow you to connect with your next-generation workforce like never before. Leadership keynote speaker, Dan Negroni, will take you through a proven system that has helped tens of thousands of individuals of all ages unlock the leadership potential within.

The Art of Real Connection
(Coaching Inside-Out Leadership)

What does it look like to lead from the inside out? It starts with knowing yourself on a deep, personal level. This powerful strategy isn’t taught in college, much less business schools, yet it’s the key to becoming the leader you need to be to connect your next-generation workforce and inspire them to create real impact for the world. Executive coach and business keynote speaker, Dan Negroni, will show you how great leaders lead, how to create connection currency, and how to teach these strategies to others for complete mastery.

Key Takeaways for Your Audience:

  • Proven framework to define and craft your powerful personal story using strengths, values, and passions
  • Strategies to co-create your company story with your team
  • Understand the art of the question and how to utilize inquiry to connect with individuals on a personal level
  • Become your own best coach and mentor
  • Access to powerful new software to help your employees find themselves